1 FEELING SB/STH IS GOOD (U) the feeling that you can trust someone or something to be good, work well, or produce good results
(+ in): Our first priority is to maintain the customer's confidence in our product. | have confidence in: We have every confidence in your abilities. | win/gain/lose sb's confidence (in): Opinion polls show that voters have lost confidence in the administration. | inspire/restore/undermine confidence (in) (=make people feel more or less confident about something or someone): These miscarriages of justice have undermined confidence in our legal system. | show confidence (in): Middle-aged people generally do not show as much confidence in what the future holds as do the young.
2 BELIEF IN YOURSELF (U) the belief that you have the ability to do things well or deal with situations successfully: Joyce always had an abundance of confidence. She seemed to fear no one. | lack confidence/be lacking in confidence: She's a good student but she lacks confidence in herself. | lack of confidence: A lack of confidence seems to be her main problem. | give sb confidence: Living on her own in a foreign country for a year gave her a lot of confidence. | give sb the confidence to do sth: Good training will give a beginner the confidence to enjoy skiing. | restore/lose confidence: Going back to work restored my confidence and made me feel more capable. | boost/shake sb's confidence (=make someone feel more or less confident): Julie's confidence was badly shaken by her car accident.
3 FEELING STH IS TRUE (U) the feeling that something is definite or true: How can anyone say with confidence that the recession is over? | have confidence that: At that time he had little confidence that God existed.
4 FEELING OF TRUST (U) a feeling of trust in someone, so that you can tell them something and be sure they will not tell other people: have/gain/get sb's confidence (=make someone feel they can trust you): It took me a long time to gain his confidence, but he trusts me now. | in (strict) confidence (=if you tell someone something in confidence, you tell them in secret and they must not tell anyone else): I'm giving you this information in the strictest confidence. | take sb into your confidence (=tell someone something secret): Tanya took Liane into her confidence about her marital problems.
5 A SECRET (C) a secret or a piece of information that is private or personal: They spent their evenings drinking wine by the fire and sharing confidences.
-see also: vote of confidence, vote of no confidence

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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